Intel HDA on Gentoo

Intel HDA is a specification, the successor to AC’97. Still requires codec.

With Intel HD Audio built into kernel, with all codecs, you see the following in dmesg after boot:

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Version 1.0.16.
ALSA device list:
  #0: HDA Intel at 0xc8000000 irq 16

To see required codecs…

slap steph # ls /proc/asound/card0/codec#*
/proc/asound/card0/codec#0  /proc/asound/card0/codec#1
slap steph # head -n1 /proc/asound/card0/codec#0
Codec: Realtek ALC880
slap steph # head -n1 /proc/asound/card0/codec#1
Codec: LSI Si3054

Searching around the internet, it seems that LSI is a modem. So, when make menuconfig according to Gentoo alsa guide, enable…

Intel HD Audio with Realtek HD-audio codec.

Even if have sound support compiled in kernel, still need alsa-utils as it provides init scripts (and /etc/modules.d/alsa even though not used).

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